The Latest Technology in Therapy
Posted by turningpointmedicalg, 07/08/2017 10:08 am

Most people are familiar with occupational, massage, and physiotherapy, which is also known as physical therapy. Therapy can provide an alternative to surgery, medications, and other invasive methods of treating pain, chronic conditions, and degenerative diseases. It can also speed up recovery from an accident, surgery, or sports injury.

GyroStim Therapy

This branch of therapy utilizes the latest technology, combined with evidence-based diagnostics, to provide targeted stimulation to the brain. This non-invasive and revolutionary brain therapy is delivered via a multi-axis rotating chair that is computer controlled. The GyroStim Performa chair can safely rotate people on a pitch or yaw axis, or both at once.

Neural activity is stimulated in specific brain regions. The result is successful and fast-acting improvements in brain performance and balance at any functioning level. This therapy is effective and affordable.

What Conditions Are Treated?

This therapy is used to treat a plethora of conditions, disorders, and diseases. Minor issues treated include concussions, vertigo, ADHD, and balance disorders. Trauma, such as traumatic brain injuries and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can be treated with this method of therapy. Cerebral palsy, autism, Asperger's, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease are also improved through GyroStim therapy.

Free Consultations

To discover if you or a loved one are an ideal candidate for this treatment, a free consultation is offered at TurningPoint Medical Group, which is the only clinic in Colorado Springs that has this technology. To learn more about it before inquiring about a consultation, those interested can visit

Consultations at no cost are also available for physical therapy services and a variety of different methods of massage therapy that are offered at the clinic. Massage therapy can be administered using many techniques, degrees of pressures, and movements. A deep tissue massage, for example, consists of a great deal of pressure in order to reach farther into sore muscles. Swedish, sports, neuromuscular, and reflexology massages are also offered to suit specific needs of each individual.

Explore all the different therapies available under one roof at Costs are affordable and many insurance carriers are accepted. Check to see what the policy covers because not all policies cover the same treatments. Co-payments may apply, there may be limits on the number of therapy sessions allowed, or therapy may be restricted. It is possible that physical therapy is covered, but massage therapy is considered non-essential and not covered at all. Call the company and speak to the primary care physician to determine if therapy can be deemed essential regarding any special circumstances.

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